You Will NOT Believe What This 15 HCP Just Did! The Seb on Golf Game Show Ep2

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I can’t wait to hear what you think of my new golf game show. It has been amazing to film the episodes at the courses hosting this years UK Swing. Today’s course was Hanbury manor venue of the English Championship on the European Tour. We still have Celtic Manor and the grand final at The Belfry to come! Don’t forget to comment with a way of contacting you if you want to win any prizes I can secure for the viewers along the way.

Massive thank you to TaylorMade for supporting the series with the prizes and also the money for each local charity, and to Hanbury Manor for hosting us on the day.
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23 thoughts on “You Will NOT Believe What This 15 HCP Just Did! The Seb on Golf Game Show Ep2

  1. “Your welcome” let’s go Sebby” love you content keep up the good work, I would love a taylormade putter. Insta: _.joeaustin

  2. Let’s goooo Sebby!! The Prize Stealer does it again and again! A putter would be fantastic!
    Insta: Sam_Stewartttt

  3. IG Kristian_golf! Thanks for clutching Seb. Great video. “Your welcome” “let’s goooo sebby” would absolute love a putter

  4. “Your welcome” Let’s Go Sebby” I would love the new wedges!! Enjoying the new series massively! Cheers.

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