Wrist Set and Lag To Create a Pure Strike

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29 thoughts on “Wrist Set and Lag To Create a Pure Strike

  1. Thanks guys! True story… I am a 18.7 index and took this lesson to the range for the last 30 days. it took some time to get the timing down but it finally clicked. My last 4 rounds were as follows, 88 – 85 – 83 – and OMG! yesterday was a 77. The only change was the wrist set. I have never been this excited to play. BTW.. I had 3 three putts with that 77 and my irons are a minimum 15 yards longer on each club yet my swing "seems" 40% slower. 🙂

  2. I talked with these two guys in a Santa Monica , ca bar and they try to pass themselves off as professional golfers on the pga. A joke, they couldn't even park cars at a pga tournament .

  3. I've been working on this for 2 months and can't get it. It's not an easy move but I've heard if you can master it you'll take a few strokes off.

  4. It looks like you don't subscribe to a flat left wrist. I broke my left wrist and I can not get 90 degrees. If I let my left wrist bend (to the left) I can get more wrist angle. BUT: How does this affect other things? Do I just try and get my wrist flat at impact or just forget about it. Yours seemed to be slightly angled. Thanks

  5. is the wrist hinge in the golf swing and active process? I've heard various pros say that it's the weight of the club hinging the wrists and not the golfer actively doing it

  6. Love your videos. It's help my game tremendously. I wish you guys would post a segment with your swings in slow mo from DTL and FO

  7. Amazing change, i was doing exactly the same as Paul. Thanks Guys worked on it for a week and it even translated onto the course! cheers

  8. hy guys
    can you one also film the finish of the swing and impact from the left side?
    the release would be niice to understand in slomo…
    best regards

  9. I'd never played before, and I built my entire swing based off of your videos, in the last 3 weeks. I couldn't hit irons for love nor money… until I watched your wrist angles and lag videos yesterday… I've played 3 rounds of 18, hit 144… 131… and since applying the wrist cock and lag you've shown, hit 106 this morning 😀 awesome, thanks guys!

  10. lol, didnt see one comment about the end of the video. Was this some sort of test boys, to see how many ppl watch the full video. Was actually quite funny. gg. 🙂 Im one of your biggest fans. Tuts are the best on the net.

  11. Good show as usual, however, the transmission had problems: the video and audio were messed up & the editing failed. Other than that, it was very useful. It is amazing how a bad grip can screw up a golf swing; his left hand grip keeps him from getting lag, and his right hand grip insures a flying right elbow. In addition to what Piers told him to do with his left hand, I'd tell him to rotate his right hand grip clockwise until his right elbow stops flying and looks like Piers'. Thanks. Oh, almost forgot; I like the drone shots from overhead. You two are the only ones doing that & it is very helpful.

  12. Terrific!I was never a good iron player. So I took this 'lesson' out on the range and golf course after watching it a few times, and wow!It works!Creates more power and I'm finally hitting an iron they way you're supposed to!Feels and sounds crisp!Thanks guys for explaining it the way no one else has!(And I've got the Ben Hogan book!)

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