Wild World of Golf: Winter Park 9 (Madelene Sagström and Annie Park)

It’s our first LPGA Wild World of Golf and we’re thrilled to welcome in Madelene Sagstrom and Annie Park as we head to the famous Winter Park 9 near Orlando, Florida. Tune in at 9 p.m. ET!

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29 thoughts on “Wild World of Golf: Winter Park 9 (Madelene Sagström and Annie Park)

  1. It seems DJ has been using the extended time off to become our fit king, many hours in the gym and the results are paying dividends

  2. I wish we could see what a normal guy would shoot in the same conditions that these pros played in in this event. Just normal guy maybe he's 6'7 or something like that, what would he shoot hypothetically? Who could say.

  3. I gotta give the man TC some respect. It takes serious commitment to actually play wrong handed. And it is not terrible. The question to me is…is it as much fun? I can't fathom playing left handed and not losing my mind with some of the mishits. Hitter Blanco is not your average righty though.

  4. 1 hour video with only 3 ads? You guys are absolute legends and nothing like CBS 😂 hope you never stop making content. Love the podcasts as well. Hope to tee it up with you guys one day, keep grinding!

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