#WhyIGolf 2020 – Jo gets her golfing get-up-and-go from mum

As Women and Girls’ Golf Week starts to build to a climax, we learn how golf has always been a labour of love for Jo Saul

To say that golf is a labour of love for Jo Saul wouldn’t be far from the truth.

After all, Jo’s mum Patricia – while pregnant with her – helped BUILD Brookdale Golf Club on its present site in Manchester in the 1960’s.

Naturally, when Jo arrived her mum’s love of the game was passed on and embraced in later years.

“As a role model she was pretty special, “admitted Jo.

“There are photos of mum and dad pushing wheelbarrows as they literally built the golf club – even when mum was pregnant with me.

“Mum was also the ladies’ captain that year, so golf was always important in my family’s life.”

Jo’s mum was still playing the game into her 80’s – an inspiring woman who not only enjoyed the sporting context, but also thrived on the social aspect of golf club life

New Year’s parties, Christmas functions and family celebrations were inevitably staged at the golf club she helped build and, now that she plays the game herself, Jo appreciates just why the game is so special for social and sporting reasons.

“Because my parents played and my grandma and aunties and cousins too, I was aware of the game from an early age,” added the 29-handicapper.

“I caddied for mum and dad in the school holidays and had a few lessons myself and at the age of 16 started playing.

“After University, marriage and family took over for me, but a few years ago my husband started back playing and suggested I joined him.

“I have to say that first game back wasn’t very good, but I left the course with a smile on my face pledging to be back.

“That was at Beauchief Golf Club in Sheffield where my husband continues to play.

“Now I love playing at Abbeydale Golf Club where we have a terrific group of women who play the game and enjoy each other’s company.”

Like so many women, Jo finds that when children have grown up and flown the nest, the game of golf is a terrific way to not only stay healthy and active but also to enjoy the company of friends.

At Abbeydale on the west side of Sheffield, Jo enjoys playing two or three times a week and continues with the family tradition ingrained in her from an early age.

She added: “I’ve only been a member at Abbeydale for three years, but it’s a great place to be and we do a lot with younger members who can also make use of the academy.

“There is a growing number of women at the club and no matter how I play I always find a way to walk off the course with that smile on my face.

“There may be times when it’s not gone to plan, but there’s that one shot that brings you back to enjoy the game.”

Women and Girls’ Golf Week

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