Which Golf Wedges Should You Be Using? | THE WEDGE BUYING GUIDE

Let’s have a look and see which golf wedges will be the best for you and your game.

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20 thoughts on “Which Golf Wedges Should You Be Using? | THE WEDGE BUYING GUIDE

  1. Loving my Miura Tour Wedges, 10 bounce on the 52 and 60 and 14HB on the 56. Spin and stop and look sexy what more do you need.

  2. Great video Peter!
    Have often bought my golf clubs from Golfbidder and have always been very happy with the condition of the clubs But after Brexit it will not be a good deal for me anymore 🙁
    So this year I bought a New set of Cobra Pur Wedges here in Sweden for SEK 799 / pc (approx. 69 pounds) Have only tried them indoors so far, but they feel very good! Anders Sweden

  3. Sm7 47-52-56-60 and I have a spare 60* head still so for the foreseeable future it will be sm7 until I’ve worn out my last 60

  4. Hi Peter, love this video (all your videos 😉) always very informative and makes me giggle.
    There is a good market and excellent bargain's to be had if your vanity can live without a big brand name on your clubs. I play Acer XB Satin Wedges. Just as good as my old Cleveland 588s. Google is your friend …

  5. be really good if you could do a segment on grind and what bounce for what conditions? What wedges would you use in the UK versus if you live in South Africa with firm conditions? Good video, I agree Mizuno wedges very underrated , T20 are awesome

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