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37 thoughts on “WHEN FIFA 17 MEETS GOLF!

  1. <======== If you wanna get them I explain how to do it in my v1deo. Also please if you get the C ^ 0 ^ 1 ^ N ^S give me a like so people know it 🙂

  2. Quality video again sebby!!! I liked having a little bit of gaming on there but would probably have preferred it as separate videos so I know more what I'm getting. But anyway, keep it up!!!

  3. You are correct Sebastian, Giampaolo pazzini was an absolute bargain on football manager in his fiorentina days, around fm07 you could pick him up for £6million if i remember correctly, lovely.

  4. excellent chip over the water hazard. keep it up! did you already play a tournament this year?

  5. Pazzini!!!!!⚽️❤️️⚽️❤️️⚽️❤️️⚽️

  6. Love the content and banter. I would like to see more women golfers FIFA players

  7. Keep up the good work seb! You are one of my favourite youtubers because you contain football and golf! My two favourite things! Good luck in the Trilby Tour later on this year

  8. U really inspired me to play golf no I play of 12 and I'm only 16 thanks for tips sebby boy keep golfing!!!💓

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