What’s in the Bag (and why): Neil

A look through the golf clubs (and many other things) that make up Neil’s daily set up on the golf course.

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28 thoughts on “What’s in the Bag (and why): Neil

  1. I know this started off as a personal account, but from a marketing point of view this channel is perfection. You've allowed us to understand each member of the team and gather a personal connection to each person, so much so that you have loyal subscribers wanting more from a simple 'what's in the bag' that would dwindle on other channels. Massive props to whoever is charge

  2. More of this, all ya got. Bring it on! WHAT is in Randy’s bag? Hopefully the book of yardage at least.

  3. I was actually looking for this video last week but it didn't exist. Would love to see the other guys too. Was quite curious after the Ireland tourist sauce.

  4. Its obvious Young Neil got all of the "Cool" genes in the Schuster family… We need more Strapped videos…

  5. Do you have any more of those bucket hats in stock? I gotta get my hands on one… Those are 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Love you Neil. But here's a challenge. Go play golf without a range finder. And without looking at yardages. Anywhere, not even on the scorecard. Use your eyes only. You'll fall in love with golf again in a whole new way, I guarantee it. Make a video..

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