Wedge Play Wizardry | Part 1: Introduction to WedgeCraft

Welcome to Wedge Play Wizardry, a wedge play seminar hosted by Layne Savoie and Dr. Rob Neal, the co-founders of WedgeCraft. In Part 1 of this multi-part series, meet Layne and Doc and learn how their seven-year study of the world’s finest wedge players led to the identification of Seven Control Variables – core fundamentals of wedge play that the world’s best have mastered and that you can learn, as well, to develop an elite short game.

To learn more about WedgeCraft and to take advantage of their new 3-month digital wedge intensive, visit

And for more great instructional content from Layne and Doc (including the full Wedge Play Wizardry webinar), visit the Instruction Center on

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