WATCH: Golfer makes hole-in-one – with a putter!

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We’ve all got that one mate who’s a bit twitchy with the short irons. You know the type – putts anything from inside 100 feet. If you’re not sure who that is in your group, it’s probably you.

In the case of Allison Koehnke, a 36-year-old from Oregon, she knows it’s her.

That’s why she took out a putter on the 102-yard par-3 16th on Sheep Ranch, one of the layouts at the Bandon Dunes resort. With a cliff face disappearing into the Pacific Ocean all down the left-hand side, it seemed sensible.

Then this happened.

You can’t quite see it in the video, but it sounds like the ball strikes the ball of one of her playing partners before deflecting in for the hole-in-one.

Speaking to Golf Digest, She also explained how her caddie for the weekend, Graham Banks, had lined her up “like in a video game” and took a few practice swings at what they were calling the “chutt” – a chip-putt.

Bandon Dunes awarded Allison with a plaque and, according to the Golf Digest story, it was the sixth hole-in-one at Sheep Ranch since it opened in June. Not only that, all six were maiden aces. (But only one was with a putter.)

Have you ever seen any strange or lucky hole-in-one? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below or you can tweet us.

Does your putting need improving?

This seems as good a time as any to plug the Lost Art of Putting Masterclass from coach Gary Nicol in association with Callaway and Odyssey. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you sink 102-yard putts like Allison.

Watch the series here…

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