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It was a comfortable rhythm that worked for decades from Masters to Masters. Augusta National Golf Club would make changes behind the curtain – some major, some subtle – to the home of the Masters Tournament. Qualified players would trickle through town as spring approached to get a preview peek at the course. Members of the media would catch up with them at various stops on the Florida swing and mine for little details of what was happening inside the gates off Washington Road.

A new tee box here. Another pin placement there. Some bunker shifting. Trees either felled by ice storms or suddenly casting shade where no tree had stood before.

That access is yet another one of the casualties of COVID-19. But as an unprecedented November Masters looms, a new method of reconnaissance has arrived in the form of a 60-year-old flight instructor from North Augusta who admittedly is “not a big golf fan.”

With his Cessna 172 and a mounted camera, David Dobbins has lifted the veil on Augusta National and shared the view he sees nearly ever…

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