Vale Do Lobo Ocean Golf Course

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Vale Do Lobo Ocean Golf Course with Mark Crossfield, Matt Lockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the guys play around this stunning golf course in Portugal and see who can make pars, birdies and eagles. The Ocean golf course Vale Do Lobo is a sea side golf course with some of the most amazing views in European golf. The course is challenging with some tight driving holes along with very pure fast greens. Watch AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional and team hit drivers from the tee and irons into greens while trying to hole some putts. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s fun and easy to watch golf videos.

50 thoughts on “Vale Do Lobo Ocean Golf Course

  1. Certainly hitting some of the best, mature, golf courses out there this trip MC, great stuff. Must have been a 'good' night as the golf after the dramatic eagle start, well ………!!!!!

  2. Great video again. Good to see what the pro's (Matt) do to keep their game tight after a night out: you don't. So recognisable.

  3. Mark,keep up the videos, very entertaining stuff! I actually just bought your app, just to show my support in hope you keep up with the videos. Cheers

  4. I was thinking that anytime you were allowed to pick your ball up, then you were also allowed to clean it.  Does this not apply here?

  5. I'm not sure why some viewers are calling this video funny. It's just Mark laughing at his peers. Kind of irritating actually but these videos are priceless. I'm in snowy Toronto and I'm longing for a round of golf.

  6. Lol!  Great one Mark  – 'hit and hope' 4 iron produces an Eagle putt….and because it is an Eagle (not a birdie) you drain it!   Loving it……still waiting for the birdie!

  7. Oh No…no #@CoachLockey magic!!!….someone stole your mojo!  Great videos guys, really enjoy watching them!  Beautiful course and a little Crossfield magic with the eagle…a couple more and it's like the 9 never happened!

  8. Nice vid. So fun to watch how you mock each other. But now two rule questions. I have been playing for most likely more years than any of your ages but never come into a situation as per min 10:40. What would be the correct ruling in a tournament? Marc would have to mark his ball and then replace it in the divot that Matt just would have created? And secondly, is it really true that one can not clean the ball of picked up by request from other player and marked it as per Marc's comment? If you just put the ball in the pocket it sort of clean itself (at least a little) by the rubbing to the pocket. Or if you throw it to the caddie (would you have one) and when he/she grabs the ball some dirt falls off? Can you support in clarifying the ruling here please.

  9. Brings back memories, also eagled the 10th when I played this course a couple of years back, love the videos.

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