Let me know what the favourite club in your bag is?
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Many thanks to Taylormade for making this possible. I highly recommend getting your clubs fitted as its the quickest way to shave shots off your handicap!

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  1. My favourite has to be my Callaway 5 Iron. Fantastic flex and a really clean connection as well. Love it! Also congrats on 50K

  2. nice one seb,still dont believe they dont take you onto real grass when fitting for irons,it must be crucial ,as taking a divot of some sort is paramount . Anyway good luck with them bad boys,also did you try the psi tour iron?

  3. hi seb. me being a shorter than average golfer in height as yourself I was just wondering what type of length and lie adjustments were made on your clubs. including putter plz. if anyone else falls into this category plz feel free to leave a feedback. thanks

  4. Big fans of TaylorMade , just subscribed to your channel , how did you get the chance to go down and get fitted Wow !! I would love to be fitted out by Taylomade a big fan I play with Taylormade MC Iron & R15 woods + Driver !! How are you like the clubs & what are your distances. Thx Jensen

  5. You know what I'd like to see? Follow up. How did the handicap change, if at all, over the next 10-20 rounds. Everything else is pretty meaningless if it didn't.

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