Trying To Beat Tiger’s Open Score…WITH HIS GOLF CLUBS!

In this video I head to Royal Liverpool (Hoylake) and try to beat Tiger’s Open Score in 2006 but using his modern day golf clubs.
Big thank you to Royal Liverpool for having me down. I loved the course and the changes which have been made.

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30 thoughts on “Trying To Beat Tiger’s Open Score…WITH HIS GOLF CLUBS!

  1. I dont handle crowds well in golf trying to get better but idk how you are but with hundreds if not thousands of people watching and camera on you all the time would put a lot of pressure on me and prob change how i play like i would mess up from nerves. But great job dude veryy good job on this course

  2. I have to admit you just showed why you are the best yourube pro golfer I mean you are seriously playing as good on this course as the best in the world do think about that for a second my dude awesome video as always and toyr wedge play just proves when testing clubs you should test for a fee days up to a week became something you may not like right away is something you may come tk love after a little play but again amazing video and amazing round buddy keep up the great videos/content

  3. Watched yourself and Rick loads of times, enjoy all the videos you post…….. for some strange reason, I think that I enjoyed this one the most, felt every shot, every strike and every ounce of pressure and of course the emotion of lifting the Claret Jug ! Well done Peter, superb editing and graphics.

  4. Distance without control = more shots. I hope this is your regular set now, there isn't any reason to use anything else. Great golf, keep it up.

  5. Uh, what is Pete saying at 8:30? I listened three times and couldn’t make out what he said. Now, I realize that Pete is speaking English while I speak American…but…

  6. The Special Select putters are as close as you're going to get to Tiger Woods' putter, other than the actual replica, or maybe a Circle T putter.

  7. Hey Peter, thanks for all of the awesome content you make. You’re videos are fun and educational and you’re a great instructor. Keep up the good work!

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