Tracking Tiger Woods

European Tour Reporter Tom Greaves speaks to Ken Brown and Matt Ginella from the Golf Channel on Tiger’s routine whilst at the Turkish Airlines Open.

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9 thoughts on “Tracking Tiger Woods

  1. Well done European tour. Thank you so much for this little segment. It just goes to show how some people and media under appreciate who Tiger Woods is and what he is doing for the sport of golf around the world. I hope everyone learns something from watching this clip. I sure did.

  2. Just shows how good he is that he is no longer the longest off the tee but is still the best. Folks used to say that his power was his main, it is his intelligence.

  3. If you want to experience and witness almost PERFECT pre-shot routine consistency then watch 2:41 on for 5-6 seconds…….STUNNING…..I have tried to teach EVERY golf pupil I have had the privilege to tutor, that concept…But Tiger does it better than anyone I have ever seen in person on the course or on TV…He is a concentrating MACHINE.

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