TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course

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TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course with Mark Crossfield thanks to YourGolfTravel. This video shows footage of Mark playing in the YourGolfTravel Pro-Am around one of the best golf course in the world. TPC Stadium Sawgrass features tight drives, long holes and fast sloping greens. You need to drive the golf ball straight, hit your irons onto the greens with a good touch on the greens to score or this course will punish you.

39 thoughts on “TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course

  1. Probably my favorite "tour" course to have played.  You had crap weather, for sure.  Hope you enjoyed it anyway.  Dye's Valley course is enjoyable as well.

  2. I couldn't help notice that the "V" of your right hand did NOT point to the right should, but, instead, it pointed directly to your sternum — which is exactly what Hogan taught.  (Mark, did I see a video of yours where you teach that the "V" of the right hand should be pointing to the right shoulder?  I may be thinking of someone else.)  Great video.  Looking forward to more.  I would love to play Sawgrass Stadium one day, too. 

  3. Awesome perspective! Next course when you get some more time take the music out and talk with the head camera live and leave the music out that would be sick. Keep it up!

  4. The way you introduced that wedge shot at 18 I knew that something either really good or really bad was about to happen :p

  5. seems like you were rushed, Would really like to see the golfing world take a step back and not be so uptight about 4hr rounds of golf and let people enjoy the experience alot more, I mean there's no way that can be a cheap round!!!

  6. Ping i25 driver, Ping i25 hybrid, Ping G25 3-wood. All you need now Mark is i25 irons, Tour Gorge wedges, the New Karsten TR putter and a decent umbrella ☺

  7. Mark, dropping the club down behind in my down swing is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do…well, instead of saying do, I MEANT TO SAY ATTEMPT. Rich

  8. FANTASTIC!!!!  Glad you made it to the US!!!  Not the best of weather…great chip-in…brother you got robbed on 17!!!!  Unique perspective for me with the head cam, I play left handed so it's the first time I've seen what a person who stands on the left side of the ball actually sees!!!!!!!!  Great music for the video, who's the band?

  9. Outstanding Mark, and I have to say I really enjoyed watching the warm up. I had the privilege of playing a few rounds at Sawgrass in the company dollar back in about 2003, definitely a top experience!

  10. Couldn't close out on 18, Mark? I'm thinking we should start calling you Bogeyfield from now on! Or do they already call you that? Lol 🙂

  11. Wow, almost fell asleep watching me and my golf at sawgrass…much more enjoyment with your short clip..what a course

  12. I played there about 10 years ago. Shot 87 with a 9 on 18 (two in the water). Muppet. Par on 17. Birdied 3 and 13. Also the slowest round of golf ever, nearly 6 hours.

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