Tourist Sauce (Oregon): Episode 7, “Bandon Trails”

It’s not on the ocean, but that doesn’t mean it’s not in the running for the best course on property. Let’s take a leisurely stroll around Bandon Trails.

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41 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (Oregon): Episode 7, “Bandon Trails”

  1. “For the viewers at home, our cameras do make the players appear more red than they actually are” just kidding the boys are getting roasted out there

  2. Love how each course at Bandon keeps somehow upping the experience and desire to go there. Exceptionally well done again. And adding in the ladies/speed golfers was a unique touch. They can flat out play. But DJ aka the Narc was en fuego, well done 👍🏻

  3. Randy’s mention of Murphy’s Law seems derived from too many up close and personal unfortunate experiences with Icarito

  4. 6 birdies from DJ was a really good main plot, but serious missed opportunity for a B-story following Tron and Randy's search for the spicy caesar

  5. Thankfully DJ, with two broken axels (doubles) and a comrade battling exhaustion (Neil), finished the Oregon Trail before tragedy struck

  6. After that long range hybrid chip on #9 I think it’s finally time big Randy appoints that thing a proper nickname. Given it is truly the ultimate utility, it’s only fitting to officially crown it the Don Kelly to Neil’s Rip Hamilton. Two blue collar Detroit legends that embody the strapped boys

  7. DJ-just was out at Bandon this fall and been before. You've crushed the sauce thus far….big shank featuring "left handed Tron on #11 at Trails." Such a solid hole

  8. In this episode Tron debuts his new left handed alias, Sergon "Escoria" DeSchuster, by hitting out of a tree and asking the rules official for relief from a beetle.

  9. 3:57. Do you think Tron will have that Lewis and Clark moment with his left handed golf swing? Or do you think it will be more like Columbus thinking he found the West Indies but was about 1500 miles away from where he wants to be?

  10. it's pretty cool that the pie man contacted Mr. Player to ensure the trees remained, keeping his chippy 7s and cutty 8s out of the pacific ocean

  11. Finally (though minimal) cold beer footage! Did you actually stayed at the resort or just camped out outside (Strapped boys style) due to lack of funding!? Where are the post-round golf banter and analysis over a hot plate of food? I miss it!

  12. Seriously the best content for golf out on the internet, see too much of my friends in NLU and it makes me want to drop everything and just jump into golf content

  13. Felt like I was walking through the Oregon Trail. Kept waiting for Randy to ford the river, DJ to go squirrel hunting, and Soly to pass away from dysentery.

  14. Most relatable content was Tron smashin driver, saying “All Day!!” + tee pickup, and camera cuts to him behind the tree laying up 😂

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