Tourist Sauce (Oregon): Episode 10, “Tetherow”

While David McLay-Kidd sherpas the boys around his penal design, Big Randy and Lefty Tron duke it out in an elimination match at Tetherow Resort.

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24 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (Oregon): Episode 10, “Tetherow”

  1. You guys are fucking awesome. I’d like to see your crew vs the barstool golf crew. Entertainment purposes only, but it would be cool.

    Keep up the good work. Cheers boys.

  2. Absolutely jarring to see Soly get called out by Kidd for not following his instructions. You really hate to see the teachers pet called out in front of the class

  3. One of the secrets of The TC Way Logistics is unveiling itself: when possible, schedule a round at a course where the architect made their adopted home.

  4. You should have said it always rains in Oregon. Thanks for nothing David. You could have said Antifa will eat your children.

  5. Playing with DMK would be very aggravating. if all he did was go into long soliloquies about links golf the whole time I might explode

  6. Randy: What’s the most meditative spot on the course?
    David: I think about killing myself on 15 & 16
    Randy: Hello darkness my old friend

  7. The stuff with the architect was awesome. Playing golf with Irish/Scottish guys is the best. The golf from TC was hard to watch. I hope he’ll be back right handed soon.

    The “I told you so” moment was gold!

  8. Note to self – next time I play a new course I will be sure to check the architects marital status at the time of construction.

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