Tourist Sauce (Oregon): Episode 1, “Portland”

Welcome to Season Six of Tourist Sauce, presented by our friends at Precision Pro (

In Episode 1, we are all over the map in the city of Portland, hitting the McMenamin’s Edgefield Par 3 Course, Portland Golf Club, Eastmoreland and Wildwood GC with a number of local guests. Check back each Tuesday for a new episode, premiering at 8 p.m. ET.

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44 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (Oregon): Episode 1, “Portland”

  1. Eat the blackberries. It’s one of the benefits of Portland golf. Just make sure to pick from above waist high.

  2. Dj has some mega speed, and not to mention some mega calves, the whole crews games are looking great, cant wait to see how this all unfolds.

  3. First off… top notch content and production. I need to know how BMW is sponsoring this? You all are marketing magicians

  4. Portland starts off with a bang, never been to Portland but makes me want to visit. The NLU guys make everything better, what a crew.

  5. Takeaway: I need to hit balls on that range with the trains next to it. Trains (and dogs) on courses are the best.

  6. Looking forward to this season. Was able to knock out the previous seasons just in time. Surprised as hell that YT didn't suggest this channel to me sooner. Great kickoff to the season boys.

  7. are we going to get a mention that Vincent the portland parks golf guy was on the big break, you should have got him out on the track!

  8. This is like the golf coverage you always complain about – adverts every few minutes!! Painful, in between some great content. Surely the point of having sponsors for the trip is that the content is not ruined by a million ads?

  9. Credit to DJ- just awesome…. Tron gonna be interesting storyline, seems like a complete fluffer… Neil behind the mic might contend with Randy in WWG, still yet unproven on such a big stage though… Soly you couldn't have gotten any further in front of that pant storyline because they are atrocious. Love you guys!!!

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