Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 woods and ironwoods

Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 driver (Tour Edge)

Price: $229.99 with Mitsubishi Fubuki or Aldila Rogue shaft and Lamkin Z5 grip
Lofts: 10.5, 12, 15 degrees

Professional photographers like cameras that allow them to control every aspect of the image-creation process, but most of us prefer the point-and-shoot convenience of our smartphones. The Hot Launch E521 driver was made to be a point-and-shoot bomber off the tee.

This 460-cc, all-titanium driver has a shallow face and an extremely high moment of inertia to make it more stable on off-center hits. Tour Edge said it protects ball speed on mis-hits more effectively and should help mid- and higher-handicap golfers hit higher, straighter shots.

Tour Edge also gave the Hot Launch E521 driver a new sole designed to lower the center of gravity. Called a Houdini sole, it pushes more weight down and away from the hitting area while allowing for the addition of a weight in the heel area. Combined with extra offset, it should encourage the face to close more easily on the downswing. That should help slicers avoid the right rough more often.

To help golfers find the center of the hitting area more often, the Hot Launch E521 driver comes standard at 44.5 inches in length, which is about an inch shorter than most modern drivers.

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