TORREY PINES COURSE VLOG! #TMCaliforniaCup Episode 1. I took 3 of YOU to California with me!

Round 1 of the #TMCaliforniaCup.
I took the three of you that won my Seb On Golf competition with me & Taylormade out to California to have the ultimate golfing week of a lifetime!


Meet #TeamSeb-
Chris Abbott –
Harvey Barrow –
Jack Nutter –

Huge thanks to Taylormade for making this all possible-

Thanks also to Hashatg United’s Jack Harrison for all his help as Team Manager for the week-

Also in this video-
Andy and Piers from Me and My Golf-
Peter Finch-

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39 thoughts on “TORREY PINES COURSE VLOG! #TMCaliforniaCup Episode 1. I took 3 of YOU to California with me!

  1. you should come the the Westchester golf course it's a great course and it's in my hometown come out and give me some tips Taylor made needs to send me out some new clubs I'm hurting for some

  2. Redbourn, nice – that's where i'm a member, just home from a round there in fact 🙂 I'll keep an eye out for Harvey

  3. Certainly hoping you get the chance to offer this again, that looks DECENT. Starting the first draft of my pitch today haha. Loving the drone shots too Seb, nice production step up!

  4. Played Torrey Pines a couple of years ago, beautiful place, there is a competition at the grove , charity day for the Peace hospital in Watford taking place in October 2017, would be great if you could get  a team together, its £200, breakfast. golf and full sit down dinner evening, I know its expensive but its the grove and the normal price is £190 just for a round, if anyone is interested please let me know!! cheers Fraser Beach(Facebook) !!

  5. nice vlog seb. If you ever come to qatar I would love to play with you on the course where the qatar masters is played every year.

  6. Yo who's that guy who recently did his first vlog and he went to Portugal or Spain or something with his dad? Can't remember his channel name

  7. Is there any chance you could go over a beginner golfing bag? I really want to start golfing, but I have no idea where to go with my bag after the driving range

  8. Course looks great. What a fantastic opportunity for your fans. Keep up the great work Seb 🐴🐴

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