Titleist Tips | Your Cure for Early Extension

In this video, Titleist staff member and TPI co-founder Dr. Greg Rose talks about a common swing fault – early extension. This move (where the player stands up and the pelvis moves closer to the ball during the downswing) is particularly dangerous because it can result in both blocked shots to the right and pulled hooks to the left (for a right-handed golfer). Golf isn’t much fun for anyone with a two-way miss.

To combat early extension, Greg first explores the body/swing connection, revealing that the cause of this troublesome move is often physical. Surprisingly, early extension is often caused by a lack of mobility in the ankles. This limitation affects a player’s squat pattern, which has a direct correlation to how much space you can create for your arms and hands to swing through.

Use Greg’s self-screening test as your first step. If you can’t pass this screen, consult a trained professional to improve your ankle mobility and squat pattern. When that’s corrected you can then start developing a more efficient pattern where your hips stay back during the swing vs. thrusting towards the ball.

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