Titleist Tips | Three Swing Training: Warming Up the Right Way

In Part 3 of his four-part series, John demonstrates a smarter way to warm up before you play. Instead of grabbing that mid-iron and hitting full shots cold, do what the pros do and start small. Begin with a “pocket-to-pocket” sized shot, as John demonstrates to get a better sense of where the club face, path and earth are. Then build up to a medium sized shot, replicating the pocket-to-pocket swing though impact. Finally, add some more turn and hit a shot with your full swing, still focusing the pocket-to-pocket feel as you swing through the ball.

This “Small, Medium, Large” drill will help improve your impact conditions, give you better control over your ball flight and send you to the first tee with a confident feel for the swing you’ve brought to the course that day.

We hope you enjoy John’s Three Swing Series. Add these drills to your own practice routine and see how it can help you to strike the ball better with every club in your bag.

For more tips from John Kostis and other Titleist Staff Members, visit the Titleist Instruction Center:

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