Titleist Tips | Three Swing Training: Hit the Golf Ball Farther

Any good teacher will tell you that you have to practice with a purpose. If you’re not working on something productive, you can bet that you’re ingraining poor habits. That’s why Titleist Staff Member John Kostis produced his Three Swing Series. Breaking down your range time into segments of three shots each, these creative drills will keep your practice fun, challenging and focused on building skills that will truly help your ball striking.

In Part 1 of his four-part series, John uses three golf balls and a perpetual motion exercise that will help your tempo and sequencing – a key to hitting the golf ball farther without any additional effort.

We hope you enjoy John’s Three Swing Series. Add these drills to your own practice routine and see how it can help you to strike the ball better with every club in your bag.

For more tips from John Kostis and other Titleist Staff Members, visit the Titleist Instruction Center:

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