Titleist Tips | Three Swing Training: Control Trajectory by Adjusting Your Distance from the Ball

In the final part of his four-part series, John shares a three-ball drill that will help you learn to control the trajectory of your iron shots, a key to playing in the wind, attacking tough pin positions and escaping from occasional trouble. As John shows in this exercise, knowing how far to stand from the ball is a big key to developing command over your trajectory. Experiment with John’s practice drill and see if his neutral, close and far ball positions give you a few more shots in the bag when you have to flight the ball precisely.

We hope you enjoy John’s Three Swing Series. Add these drills to your own practice routine and see how it can help you to strike the ball better with every club in your bag.

For more tips from John Kostis and other Titleist Staff Members, visit the Titleist Instruction Center:

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