Titleist MB 714 Golf Iron Review

Titleist MB 714 Golf Iron Review
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach testing the latest Titleist 714 MB Golf Irons. Aimed at low to mid handicappers, and are less forgiving that other models Titleist have to offer.

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15 thoughts on “Titleist MB 714 Golf Iron Review

  1. Great video Rick, I know you spend a lot of time making these videos for us and it shows.  in your opinon what is the best irons for a 7 handicap player ?

  2. I love these irons! I finally made the switch from some old callaway muscle back fusions. Unfortunately for me i have lost about 2yrds compared to the muscle backs (even as old as they were) how ever i would say i have gained almost 20-30% better accuracy. When i first got this club i almost didnt want to hit it, its that beautiful! So it hurts when you find out these irons will scratch with even the smallest of provocations (so be carefull!), from my first session at a TPC driving range  one of the irons got a scratch on the bottom of it and each showed small signs of wear on the face 🙁 
    Over all though i would recommend this iron to low handicap golfers looking to improve their iron game. 

  3. Hi Rick! Thank you for the video of MB 714! I am a 17 handicap golfer.  Which iron would be the best choice for me?

  4. I am a high teen handicap golfer with a very good consistant swing. I have been wanting to hit a Titleist MB or Callaway MB to try based on my Swing not my handicap. I found a golf course that had a Titleist 712 MB 6 iron to test. I took it to the range and hit it beautifully. I was able to a aim with a fairly consistant distance. I was thinking based on everyone I talked to that MB's are not a good fit for me. But, I wanted to try them somehow before I made my purchase. I am glad I did. Find the club that will do the best for your game based on your swing and feel.. The wrong club or even not getting fit for clubs can keep you at a higher handicap.

  5. I love these blades! But damn it, had to go with Ap2s.. they'll let me hit the high soft one as well as draws,,& fades… if you like hitting the low stinger hook shot. These are your clubs! They are beautiful! I know!

  6. just bought myself these clubs and obviously you have a review from 2013…. Nice to see how much your content has improved over the years! keep it up!! cheers, Thomas

  7. Great irons to practice with if you can find them on the cheap. If you have the patience and check your ego they will help you work out the smallest flaws in your swing IMO.

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