Titleist MB 714 Forged Irons

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Titleist MB 714 Forged Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the 714 forged bladed iron from Titleist golf and talks about who might get the most out of the golf club. The new 714 Titleist iron with mainly cosmetic changes and a new leading edge design is still a very popular golf brand on the world tours like the USPGA and European tours.

25 thoughts on “Titleist MB 714 Forged Irons

  1. I heard that the average handicap 15-20 years ago was 17.5, and the average today is 17.0. I'm a believer in technology and such, but I'm not convinced that today's irons will change my game over 20 year old blades. Now driver technology is a different story. I'd rather hit today's drivers.

  2. Distance is my main priority and I'm playing blades at the moment but with a 48 degree pitching wedge I'm get just under 140 so you can get distance out of blades you just need to strike it to get the distance!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous clubs, and I have no doubt they feel amazing. My question is this: the CB clubs are significantly more forgiving, but I don't see them giving up any workability or feel- Why not use the cb? Mizuno MP-4 may be gorgeous, but so are the MP-64, and I'll bet more shots out of ten are well-struck.

  4. Mark honestly you lost your independent judgement when you started going to these manufacturer centers. I think you provide great analysis, but presenting your opinion in front of the same person that designed the product makes little sense from a transparency perspective. Off course, going to these places is probably a blast, and part of the job. But probably best to keep both things separate. Best.

  5. What is the main difference between this MB and the CB, I use 710 MB currently and I was wondering would the CB be easier to hit. Thanks

  6. What is the main difference between this MB and the CB, I use 710 MB currently and I was wondering would the CB be easier to hit. Thanks

  7. Hello Mr. Crossfield,
      I'm not sure if you will read this but do you think you could review some Vega brand irons. I saw Gorilla hit his 2 iron and I started researching about the brand. They are supposed to be a top class brand and I wanted to get you're opinion on them you could review any CB model you could get you're hands on. Cheers, from Boston Massachusetts. 

  8. I hit the 695 blades today at golf galaxy from 2006 and also hit these clubs. The 2006 version felt heavier and harder in the hit. I hit my 5 iron 192 and even though it felt firmer it went farther. The new version here is satin has a smaller to and more weight in the bottom or lower cg even though it doesn't look it. It's softer went 5 yards shorter but looks very nice. I would call these finnese blades and not power muscle back. Both had dg s-300 shafts

  9. Hey Mark, I was a high school player that took off 7-8 years and I'm just getting back into the "swing" of things. I noticed my yardage did the same as yours (dropping 10 yards per club for the Titleist MB 714) compared to my old Callaway X-Tours. Will I ever make up that distance as my swing improves or does one sacrifice control for distance when switching from cavity backs to blades?

  10. I have these, and I absolutely love them. I'm not sure what you mean by the them not being able to go the distance because I hit the AP2s equally. My 6 is my 190-200 shot, so maybe swing speed ultimately has something to do with it. The AP2s are way more forgiving though, but the MPs correct your swing pretty quick. 

  11. These blades are so nice to hit. Tremendous feel and feedback. They feel like the traditional MB's made for your better ball strikers.. Not recommended for the high handicapper.

  12. I have a problem that really confuses me. I play with a knock off version of these clubs XDS tour with truetemper S300 shafts. My average yardage is 188 with my 6 iron with the XDS. When hit the 714 MB my average is only 173. Why is this so? Is it a slight difference in metal or possibly the shafts. I find it tough to spend 1k US plus another 400-500 to re shaft re grip these clubs out of the gate. Thank you Mark

  13. Thanks Mark. Great review. I am a high teen handicap golfer with a very good consistant swing. I have been wanting to hit a Titleist MB or Callaway MB to try based on my Swing not my handicap. I found a golf course that had a Titleist 712 MB 6 iron to test. I took it to the range and hit it beautifully. I was able to a aim with a consistant distance. I was thinking based on everyone I talked to that MB's are not a good fit for me. But, I wanted to try them somehow before I bought some high handicap set. I am really glad I did. Find the club that will do the best for your game based on your swing and feel.. The wrong club or even not getting fit for clubs can keep you at a higher handicap.
    I like Marks reviews because he is honest.. Thanks Again

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