Titleist Launches Virtual Tours Of Its Ball Plant

Some three years ago, the Acushnet Company opened its Titleist Ball Plant No. 3 to the public for tours. This 250,000-square-foot facility sits in an industrial park in New Bedford, Massachusetts, just down the road from the Acushnet headquarters in Fairhaven. It’s where most Pro V1s and Pro V1xs are made.

Given the popularity of those balls, it is not surprising that tours became popular for those who wanted to get an up-close-and-personal look at the very exacting ball-manufacturing process, from cover to core.

The visit starts with a video presentation that includes cameo appearances by many of the brand’s staff professionals, Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth among them, talking about the tour that they, too, have taken at Ball Plant 3, and the reasons why they use Titleist golf balls.

Then, it is out to the factory floor, for a look at the dozen steps in the ball-making process, beginning with the mixing of the synthetic rubber and other materials for the cores and continuing through their molding and grinding, which leaves t…

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