Tiger Woods’ Wedges EXPLAINED | TaylorMade Golf

Taylormade Golf’s director of sports marketing, @trottiegolf, breaks down the nuances and features of the all-new Milled Grind 2 wedge with the Tiger Woods special grind. Listen as Trottie explains the differences found on the sole of each 56- and 60-degree TW grind wedge.

Learn more about the history and process behind the creation of the Milled Grind 2 TW grind wedge and how it can benefit your game:

16 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ Wedges EXPLAINED | TaylorMade Golf

  1. People overcomplicate golf so much lmao. Marketing marketing. I get it, the companies are trying to make money so they have to come up with some new technology lingo and garbage to sell their products. But think about it, a wedge is just a piece of metal cut to a certain shape. There are so many grinds and milled faces and raw finishes and groove patterns, yadda yadda yadda. Doesn't help when you chunk every chip or blade your bunker shot. Save your money and go get some lessons and you'll be better with a 20 year old wedge than you would've been if you had bought the new Tiger Woods Milled Grind 2 Special Limited Edition Deluxe Raw Wedges. Drivers haven't improved in like 10 years, wedges and irons are just pieces of angled metal, and putters are just flat metal. Buying new garbage selling point tech won't change your game. Maybe a fitting. Maybe. But that's mostly for lie angles and shaft flex and weight.

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