Tiger Woods | Chronicles of a Champion Golfer

In his Chronicles of a Champion Golfer film, Tiger Woods tells the story of his three triumphs to date at The Open, including his historic first victory at St Andrews in 2000. Filmed prior to his 15th major success at the 2019 Masters, this broadcast sees Woods reflect on his most memorable experiences at The Open, which he also won in 2005 and 2006.

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14 thoughts on “Tiger Woods | Chronicles of a Champion Golfer

  1. There is no trying harder because I'm read lining all the time. As someone who grew up idolising Jack and for a long time I refused to accept that Tiger is the best there ever was and that will be a debate that will go on forever but no one has played the game to the level Tiger has played, he IS the best player ever to play the game…period.

  2. G.O.A.T.

    if you haven't read his book yet, I suggest to do it. Much of what is told here in this video is described in depth in the book. its truly amazing.

  3. Tiger is a true champion , who will remain in the annals of world golf , like the other Jack Nicklaus Ben Hogan Arnold Palmer and the other champions , who persist and especially the golf retains their shape , on the fairway

  4. Well he did it and he's opened up today defending his 15th major championship and masters win with a roar 4 under in the masters and im ruiting for him so hard cause there is no better narrative at the end of this 2020 masters then Tiger defending his 2019 masters win to win his 16th it would go down as the greatest moment in sports history even more so then him winning last year, i been saying it for months now leading up to this week when once again everyone was doughting him. Still 3 rounds left but I have faith. Eldrick Tiger Woods you are a Golfing God!

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