This was a disaster! We Swap Clubs | “Ladies” Flex 🔄 Tour Stiff Shafts

Me and the Jazzy Golfer head out to the Forest Of Arden but we swap clubs! I use Jazzy’s clubs with super whippy shafts whilst she uses my super stiff shaft and low lofted driver.

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50 thoughts on “This was a disaster! We Swap Clubs | “Ladies” Flex 🔄 Tour Stiff Shafts

  1. So first what's the reason she doesn't use her name? And second I have the exact putter for the same reason! Underrated putter for sure Lol. Also didn't realize how short she is 🤣

  2. Great video. Jazzy is so relatable in that we all duff shots but what is really striking is how you just smile and laugh it off. Every golfer should take lessons from it, be more Jazzy!

  3. Dude, you’re pretty big time now, get someone to hold the camera so you don’t have to!🤣🤣🤣 It’d make the videos easier for you and better!! Still love them all though!👍💪

  4. From what I have learned about shaft flexes, it’s not a standard belief. Basically the higher flex shafts produce higher head speed and more distance, with decreased accuracy. One should be able to hit the ball further using senior flex than x-stiff.

  5. I would have had a hard time focusing with her pant selection. I remember taking my wife's Srixon driver with 12 degree of loft and ladies flex and crushing it a few times. If you can time the flex you can really get swing speed.

  6. Jazzy can sure read a putt. If she can pull together a fluid swing and stop skulling shots, she already has the power to sink the putts that will result.

  7. Hi Pete this was very entertaining to watch.I think you should pay for Jazz to get fitted for all new clubs and especially a putter the same as yours she was fantastic with it. This was a treat to .watch.thank you.

  8. Why arnt the women like this at my course they’re all old and snobby 😂 jazzy and all the other women you play with are stunning and up beat it’s not fair 🤷‍♂️

  9. Come on peter you feel so disingenuous sometimes. Your channel is so good don’t dilute it with Rick shield type commentary. Ps, you are better than him.

  10. Great video Pete, it’s not all about the scoring, it seems like you had a brilliant day and have to say this but Jazzy has a gorgeoooouuus smile and she definitely can putt!😊😊😉😉👍

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