This Video Will NOT Stop Your Golf Slice Fail

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This Is NOT a Golf Video Fail with Mark Crossfield, Matt Lockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. This is not a golf videos and you will not get any better playing golf watching this video. This is a out take video from the YourGolfTravel Portugal holiday. This is a fun video that should have you laughing rather than one that will stop you slicing your driver.

39 thoughts on “This Video Will NOT Stop Your Golf Slice Fail

  1. All the great vids from Portugal have made this cold a$$ winter in the US Midwest a little more bearable (thanks YourGolfChannelRooooory) and these outtakes are just the icing on the cake.  Muito obrigado Mark!

  2. Mark i just want to thank you so much for all your videos and the time which you put into them. From watching you in 240p back in the day at the range to now on these amazing courses and by far the best course vlogs on the internet i think I speak for everyone when i say you make it bearable to all of us who play half as much we would like to. Would love to see a Coach Lockey, Gorrilla Rory and urself video!!
    Thanks again Mark keep getting stuck in.

  3. Love the bloopers vids, keep em coming!
    (though – and sorry to be negative – perhaps a warning about the potty language at the start would be nice just in case children are in earshot when watching these – I thought I was watching a Gorilla James video for a minute LOL!!!)

  4. Coach Lockey what model Footjoy pullover are you wearing on a few of the videos. It looks like something I have been looking for.

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