The Three Hole 14 Club Challenge | Insane Forfeit For The Loser!

I take on LET star Emily Pedersen in a new kind of 14 club challenge at the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic. No prize for the winner, but one OUTRAGEOUS forfeit for the loser……….

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49 thoughts on “The Three Hole 14 Club Challenge | Insane Forfeit For The Loser!

  1. I stayed right in the marina on my stay last year. If I would have known about that zipline, I would've gone for sure!

  2. Would love to see you complete this challenge again. Keep up the great content. Made me want to try and do this as well. See how far I could get.

  3. Great video's lately Pete. The look on Emily's face was a strange combination of "Should I laugh?" and "Should I call the paramedics?". Having players from the LPGA and Ladies European Tour is a win for you and a win for them (they deserve way more coverage than they get) .

  4. How is Peter Finch a professional golfer boy he keeps losing to girls? Amateur women can beat him..? Can someone explain

  5. Your face after losing and realizing what was ahead of you! 🤣 the legitimacy of your fear had you speechless. She even felt bad for you. Great content!

  6. Your face when you missed that putt; priceless
    Your bragging rights after doing that zipwire run; totally priceless
    Brilliant content again Peter.

  7. if that didn't cure your fear of heights – nothing will. It sounded like you were actually having too much fun……….

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