The Oxfordshire AskGolfGuru Golf Day

Join Mark on the last AskGolfGuru golf day at Wychwood Park on Sept 13th follow this link

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The Oxfordshire AskGolfGuru Golf Day, Mark Crossfield’s AskGolfGuru golf days are very popular and help golfers from around the UK and Europe play better golf with some great golf coaching and fun on some of the best golf courses around. Join Mark on the next golf day and make sure you watch his channel,Facebook page and Twitter feeds for the next dates.

24 thoughts on “The Oxfordshire AskGolfGuru Golf Day

  1. I would suggest you try 'em both because they're both pretty hard to play with at first, but once you you've played a couple of rounds, you'll like them, but I suggest you to test 'em both, and then see which set of mizuno's you're gonna get (I can highly recommend the mp59)

  2. just got fit for mp 59's, awesome clubs (was playing callaway x22's prev)
    I'm a lefty so couldn't hit the 69 (not in left)
    59 is still a little forgiving but have to have a decent swing

  3. in my opinion, definitely mp 59. They are considerably more forgiving than the 69 blades. However, you should also consider the new mp 54 and mp 4 coming out this fall.

  4. Finally found a place with a quality launch monitor in my area (Trackman), it was such a relief to finally see where I stand on my club path and aoa with irons and woods. Not that I couldn't identify faults with the pro giving lessons, but to see the actual numbers to get a feel for how far I was off and where the swing changes were leading me. They also had a shaft fitting tool by true temper (driver and 5 iron) to show a graph of shaft defection in the swing. I'm looking for more info on this

  5. Mark.. when are you coming to Queensland? Would be a great trip.. Masses of good quality golf courses around Brisbane and the Gold Coast

  6. How do you think it compares to the R1? I hit the new SLDR in the sim and really didn't get the same performance as the R1.

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