The Golf Swing Weekly Fix September 12th 2013

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix September 12th 2013 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru helps more golfers with their golf swing with his weekly golf show.

29 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix September 12th 2013

  1. Hello Mark. Why do so many people use different shafts in their hybrids than their irons. Don't hybrids replace longer irons? I don't see many steel shafted hybrids. Thanks.

  2. The graphite shafts are supposed to help increase your swing speed, thus creating distance; this is the same concept as many drivers having a graphite shaft.

  3. Greetings for Seattle, WA!! Thank you for posting these videos! They are great to watch and have been very helpful!! Your playing lessons are excellent! I have learned great course management!

    Thanks again!!

  4. Hey Mark!,

    Just noticed you're sporting spikeless shoes in this video. I'm thinking of picking up a pair and was just wondering how they have been for you so far? Any issues in wetter conditions?

    Thanks! love the videos keep up the great work!

  5. I want to get some lessons to help with my slice-what sort of prices should I look to pay? I live in Buckinghamshire and have made some enquiries with them coming out at c£40-50 per hour..

  6. Hi Mark, I'm having trouble with my grip lately, mostly with my left hand (right handed golfer). I tend to pull-hook my shots a lot of times. Can you show how strong my left hand has to be?

  7. If the guys plays of 35 wouldn't you recommend him to master his swing with no less than a 6-7 iron for confidence then go get a 2 iron? Or am I talking out my arse?

  8. Hey Mark … Im the guy with the 2 Iron … what a neat Idea to get a longer 3 Iron … and I´ll ask them if the can bend the Loft to 18 degrees like 2 Irons are.
    Yeah working to fix that issue with the woods and allready getting some lessons. I allready ordered that Mizuno MP H4 2 Iron and will test it. Thanks for answering!!! Best regards Bernd

  9. No problem … a I said I have no issues with my long or middle irons … only that damn woods … 3 iron goes pretty straight … why not try a 2 iron instead of woods … if they have one that is same forgiving like the g 25 set

  10. Mark hitting a nice shape with woods, hybrids and irons but asoon as I get the driver out, the slice comes out and im in the middle off the ruff

  11. Mark, your lessons and tips are great, but your imitations of other people's swings are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Love it. Lets get stuck in!!

  12. Mark- Thank you for all your great instructional videos. Glad that you came out with an Android app- just ordered it. Question- I have an old sport injury to the left knee- slight tear in the outer meniscus. It doesn’t bother me enough to go for surgery just enough to be an annoyance sometimes. Is there any adjustment to the backswing pivot / downswing hip turn you can recommend that would put less stress on the left knee ? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ohhenry

  13. I'm a 35 handicap and I can't even hit a 4 iron. Just not enough loft on it. Can hit the hybrid great though. Weird that such a high handicapper can hit a 2 iron.

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