The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Open Special

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Open Special with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. This week is The Open championship week at Murfield. To celebrate one of the best golf course and championships in the world The Golf Swing Weekly Fix is answering Open questions. Play your best golf with Mark’s lessons,tips and golf drills to help you hit straighter tee shots, iron shots and wedge shots.

20 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Open Special

  1. Good stuff. The last driver swing is exactly my issue too. Will try your drill. Keep good stuff coming.

  2. When you test clubs could you possibly do protracer? It gives us an idea of the ball flight instead of just numbers? Thanks

  3. Hey Mark great vids, just a question on posture. I find I have a good straight spine angle but my shoulders feel like they're hunched away from my body, when I look at tour pros the shoulders seem to be towards the body so if you put a club on there shoulders it would touch there chest where mine only touches my shoulders. Should my shoulders move back towards my chest (if so how) or is it just an illusion on tv. Thanks

  4. I'm loving the exercise videos, please keep them coming. I have a work out routine but I need to supplement golf specific exercises.

  5. Hi mark I am struggling with distance on my 52 and 56 degree wedges they go the same distance same height and follow the same path in the air, should I try different degree wedges to find 2 wedges that give me different shots and distances

  6. Beginner to golf here, really enjoy all aspects to the game and your videos cover a lot of it! Keep it up with the Exercises. Being new to the game, I can actually feel muscle groups that I haven't used and feel a little sore. These exercises will help me get stronger and prevent injury as I learn. Also, help with a proper swing.

  7. Funny how that Faldo question came up ON his birthday. His swing back in the day…. 1990-96…is awesome. Back before the bombers took over;-)

  8. Love the golf fitness portion of the video, so important in my opinion to stay mobile and prevent injury. Keep them coming.

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