The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Improve Your Swing

The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Improve Your Swing with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Learn how to improve your posture, backswing and impact for straighter longer golf drives and iron shots. The Golf Swing Weekly Fix is one of YouTubes most loved weekly golf lesson videos from YouTubes most watched golf professional.

31 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Improve Your Swing

  1. sounds like a co-ordination issue between your hip slide/ uncoiling and releasing the club head when you put greater power into the shot. Your hips travel faster, your hands come down quicker but as you are used to feeling the club head release at a certain time with your usual swing, you probably still release at the same point, which is too late with greater power = slice/ push right. Slow down your backswing, then when at the top the hips will go first and the hands *should* catch up

  2. Hay Mark, Im not able to find your App on the Google Android Store. I have a Galaxy S3. Has it been removed for any reason?

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  4. Hi from Germany,
    I' ve tried to swing as Hogan told it by starting my downswing with a hip turn to the left (as you teach it). But I don't feel that comfortable with that, because I' m not as stable as before and I don't feel the power, that Hogan promised.
    What could cause those problems?

  5. Hi Mark,maybe you can help? I'm a fairly decent long iron player& also use my driver fairly well,but I've always had a problem using a 3wood,especially off the deck..any thoughts? These has always been a problem,I try & picture sweeping the ball away but most bad shots are thinned,tried various diferent ball positions but none seem to make a diference,cheers Simon

  6. these are so dang helpful. I find myself doing some of the same thigns that you help correct and I try to go out and use your tips! Thanks Mark

  7. Hey mark, can u make a video on how to get rid of the 'zorro ing' at the top please, had a few lessons with u at the end of last yr and no matter how I feel I'm aiming the club at the target at the top of my back swing I'm actually not and its very frustrating, keep the videos coming ⛳

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  9. Thanks for the tips, its reminded me of a few things that I'd stopped working on. I'll be watching this again before i go to the range next time

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