The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Spin and Fitness

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Spin and Fitness with mark Crossfield and featuring James Dimond strength and fitness. Improve your golf game and learn from other golfers. All videos in this show have been sent through mark’s apps links above. To get your golf swing on the weekly Fix show get the apps and send in and see if you get picked. Cure your golf slice or your hook and improve your set up with AskGolfGuru PGA professional Mark Crossfield.

18 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Spin and Fitness

  1. Hi Mark, how come you've got rid of Trackman and the other (Flightscope?) launch monitors ? Are they not accurate ? I'm concerned because I'm saving for a session at High Bullen G.C. to try to improve my golf , and don't want to waste my time/money if they give duff info . Cheers, Nige .

  2. The first problem is _exactly_ what I've been struggling with since I began playing just over a year ago. I've known that I come "over-the-ball" but no idea what was causing it – so couldn't really address it.

    The rotating left foot is a characteristic I have on almost all shots. I know I strike the ball well, so I hope I can be on to a winner with this advice!

    Do you have any video suggestions for various drills I can use to compliment this one you've suggested here?

    Thanks Mark,

  3. Great video Mark. That first issue you addressed with the swing fix is definitely me! Going to work a bit on that. Would you say a stance that was too wide could encourage that problem? I find I just automatically get a better weight transfer if I narrow my stance a touch but I'm still inconsistent.

  4. Lower back!!! Perfect! Let James talk a little more mark; I could barely hear him. People will wanna know why this is important. If It was in there, i didn't catch it.

  5. i think you should take martins spot on the golf channel. I think it would help attract younger golfers as well.

  6. Mark, my brother has the same issue with over-rotating so thanks for the tips on how to fix it. I will show him that fix. Also the advice you have been giving lately regarding having more side hip movement to cure the over the top swings have been really beneficial for me. Cheers!

  7. hey mark, wth my golf lesson i got told my swing and setup is close to perfect.. but my hip rotation is to slow/ harshley there at impact and i often hit my bal to the right or slice it. tips/drills?

  8. Is more clubs really a bad thing though ?? Butch Harmon recently suggested increasing the maximum amount of clubs allowed in the bag ,,, personally I don't see the harm .

  9. You always say in your videos that "you see this alot". It would be pretty cool if you could do a quick in/out video of the top (10) most common mistakes and the best method(s) you found of fixing them.

  10. Great videos Mark! I've noticed that you now use the GC2 launch monitor instead of the Trackman. What is your reasoning for this? Does the the GC2 offer any advantages to you that the Trackman doesn't?

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  12. What an irritating video. Mark keeps looking at a black TV screen during the lesson. HE can see what is on it but viewers can't, very confusing.

  13. Hideki Matsuyama has a pause at the top of his swing and he is pretty good. Currently 4th in the world and 2nd in Fed Ex cup.

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