The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Feb 13th 2014

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Feb 13th 2014 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional offering golf tips and drills to golfer with all kinds of problems. Play your best golf and understand your golf swing with Mark’s easy to follow and understand golf videos.

15 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Feb 13th 2014

  1. Thanks Mark… I will try to change the angle of my hands and "feel" more where the club head is on the downswing. I'm currently a 5 Hcap with my 'over the top', 'out to in' swing but I don't hit the ball very far (270 driver max!) and suffer with a fade (slice ish) or a slight pull left of target for my bad shots. If I can master the move you suggested will it improve all these bad points? Or does this move not effect distance? Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!

  2. used to hit a big slice with driver, ever since I started throwing the club from the top of my backswing I've been much straighter and consistent! Thanks mark.

  3. Great advice Mark, I enjoy your videos. Some are hilarious. I think you would enjoy my videos. Mine are mostly silly golf celebrations.  Enjoy bud…

  4. Hi Mark love the weekly fix keep them coming. In the hundreds of vids you have uploaded have you done one on how to film your swing correctly, and what effects having the camera "off-line" will have?

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