The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Fat Shots and More

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Fat Shots and More with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Marks talks about improving your hip turn and downswing along with curing fat shots and slices.

28 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Fat Shots and More

  1. Mark great split screen visualization of both the fault and the correction. Thanks as always for posting,


  2. Sorry mark but the thing with changing the path and so on is not very good! I had also the same problem and my pro said said I need to swing more compact and he teached me the richt club path! so he putted a few plastic bottles there where my club normally went and like that he teached me the right path and also he made some really short swing almost chips and then pitches and then full golf swing till my path and my face were straight!! 3 weeks later i had a straight ball flight sry it`s a bit

  3. Great vid I have tried this drill putting the ball forward to make you attack it and it works a treat.

  4. How about doing some analysis on Bubba's swing…and explain how he hits it so far and also how he controls where it goes.

  5. Mark, thanks for your vids. They've really helped me a lot. I've got into thinking. For me I don't think I have a consistent swing. At any one time I could swing well, have one or two faults or lots of faults all at once (that last one more often then not!). SO my question is how do I approach hitting balls at the range? Do i hit a good shot and immediately hit more or wait and hit another after a short break? Or, vice-versa, hit a bad shot and immediately hit more to try and correct it?

  6. Thanks so much for the fat shot fix drill! Can't wait to try it out on the range since I've been hitting 3-5 fat shots a round lately.

  7. I don't think Mark is suggesting that changing the path is a cure all but rather it will help the guy to understand that even though he is closing the face at address, it is not closed to the path which is why there is left to right shape. If the guy swings on a better path he will hit a draw or hook so may naturally start to neutralise the face at address.

    Thinking about 3D space has been a massive game changer for me over the past few months.

  8. Hi Mark love vids, best on YouTube! Follow both channels and have the app. Sorry not on Facebook or Twitter so hope don't mind me asking question on here. Have ping k15 driver so is draw bias. So Club face sits closed to target. How do you set up with this club. It feels strange with the club face pointing left of target. Plus because of that it is hard to know where the equivalent square face to target is anyway, in order take advantage of the bias. Help would be greatly appreciated. Martin

  9. jeeeesus Mark, talk about a mathematical conundrum! 🙂

    excellent video as usual. If you ever moved over to the Home Counties I would book a lesson in a heartbeat. I may pluck up the courage to submit a vid one day

  10. Why is this man not on his own TV show?????? Probably the most clear, instructive videos on Youtube. And a personality to match. I've learnt more watching this video than the £55 pound lesson I had from a pro!!! Excellent Mark. I may even come to Exeter to have a lesson with you in person.

  11. Super stuff as always. When I saw your "How I Change My Angle Of Attack Golf Lesson" I thought that could explain why I can have a good driving day, be swinging well but very consistently be hitting the irons slightly fat. And then in this weekly question it is exactly as I understood. I think you're starting to get through to at least this hacker!

    Also keep numbers coming, they do help.

  12. Mark, awesome video! I've been taking lessons and once I strengthened my grip and started feeling like the club face was more closed on takeaway it really helped not only my golf swing, but my understanding of it. I was with you the whole way on club path, face to path, and the swing path itself. I think people that slice the ball are oblivious (like I was) to what is causing their slice or other faults. Thanks for posting such VALUABLE content.

  13. Hi Mark, I posted my swing a while back (The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Turn and more 20Nov 2012) and was told this was bending backwards (negative spine angle)? Is this because MY swing needs to "feel" like its more Positive (thus ending up somewhere in the middle) or is this something i need to ultimately achieve? This post not intended to discredit you, its just i am sometimes prone to the fat shot myself. I have put into practice your advice and have shot in the 80s for the first time ever!

  14. I am currently having lessons to fix the left to right ball flight you have cleared up more in 9 mins then my instructor has in 3 months. Thank you and I will let you know how i go with trying out what you have suggested. Josh

  15. anyone that give a thumbs down to any of Mark's videos shouldn't even try to play golf….this man is a golf genius

  16. regarding the swing, isn't it just that he's coming over the top/steep down swing? i think he needs to drop his hands on his downswing to flatten out the downswing. one way to do this is to drop your right elbow on the down swing, think down and through. old video, but common steep to steep swing.

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