The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Dec 12th 2013

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Dec 12th 2013 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks golf swings and how to hit better golf shots. Watch this weekly swing fix show to try and hit longer drives and straighter iron shots. Mark talks backswing, downswing and follow throughs along with set up and posture ideas for a improved golf game.

16 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Dec 12th 2013

  1. Boohoo, we ALL feel SO sorry for you not being able to get to the range (aka work!) because of all the travelling (aka holidaying!) you've been doing!  😉 😉 How the other half live eh?  When are you off to Dubai??

  2. When I look at your arms at address. It's kind of what the pro has done with me. The right elbow is more twisted inward towards ribs which then naturally gets my club on plane at top rather than across the line

  3. Mark, second swinger here, thanks for the analysis. have actually struggled to get that right foot to show the full sole without unnaturally forcing it up. Will be playing with that pelvis angle a bit for sure. Thanks again.

  4. The advice for the first guy seemed a bit of overload and no mention of rotating his shoulders? Which it seems is what he really needs to do on his back swing, keeping them way too square.  

  5. Loved the question about Bubba. I resently had a trackman lesson: was worried I was hitting down too much but found that I was hitting 1-2dgr up! Big surprise for me, but from there I have no real need to manipulate my upward motion as I can trust it more! Its amazing how different my "feel" is to the measured numbers…!
    – keep the videos coming! You are making my winter seem shorter 🙂

  6. These videos are great because I can reflect on some of my lessons and mentally practice golf (maybe some living room swings as well). For the guy stuck on his back leg my pro is having me think about turning through more with my back shoulder moving toward the target so I get to my front side on the follow through. It's hard to explain, but using slow motion videos during lessons he can point out the differences in my finishing position and where the transitions are happening during the swing. Long story short this is another plug to get lessons with a pro. 

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