The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 30th October 2013

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 30th October 2013 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers from around the world talking backswing,downswing, impact and set up to help them play better golf. Improve your golf game with easy to understand golf tips and instruction from one of the worlds most popular golf coaches.

24 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 30th October 2013

  1. Mark, keep up the excellent work! Your videos have helped a novice golfer go from slicing 90%, 10% straight, to about 10% draw, 80% straight, 10% slice. Definitely a work in progress but moving in the right direction, many thanks!!

  2. Mark – you are a truly gifted golf pro with the uncanny ability to clearly explain golf concepts so they are easy to comprehend and use immediately with lasting impact. Thanks for all you do.

  3. So I'm the guy with the funky hip movements at the beginning… consistency is something that I struggle with. I've never had a lesson before and never really knew where to start with correcting things. You've definitely given me a great place to focus some serious attention during my practice time! Love all the videos… Keep up all the great work!

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  5. hi mark these videos always help and we all appreciate the time and effort that goes into making them thank you.I just wanted to ask have you got any little tips for lynx golf eg. course managment and so on.

  6. Bring back James Diamond for exercises. I realize they are all for better posture and he would have to repeat them a lot, but that's ok. We need to be reminded constantly and our memory refreshed with those exercises, so people can stay healthy.

  7. If you strike it off-center is it easier to feel with a blade/forged club or as easy to feel with a cast/cacity/game-imp-club?

  8. It's easier to feel with a blade as the sweet spot is in the centre of the face. Any off-centre hits will definitely vibrate the club. Because cavity/game improvement clubs are perimeter weighted (which means the whole face is the sweet spot), there's less vibration so therefore less feel. That's why most pros use foged blades 😉

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