The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 14th November

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 14th November with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. This week Mark is talking hip sway, backswing and downswing control along with question of the week talking golf apps for iphone ipad and android, play your best golf with Marks Crossfield’s golf tips and lessons.

12 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix 14th November

  1. Seemed that the last guy on your the swing analysis, also as well as doing what you were describing through trying to overly hold onto the 'lag'; during his backswing he was straightening up 'out' of his address posture and losing his hips forwards, towards the ball, then compounding that "hip extension" towards the ball and standing up through impact giving him even 'higher' hands?

  2. Great synthesis of Mr Sasho Mackenzie's flattening move and Mr Manzella's throwout. I believe there were people a hundred years ago also trying to have people hit something behind and to the right of you with the clubhead. Problem is now, what?

  3. Great Weekly Fix Mark! Coincidentally I was working on this 'throwing the club out' last night. I seem to get very bunched up on the downswing and I get a lot of inconsistent shots, push slice being most common. It feels VERY alien for me to keep my arms out on the downswing and create this throwing out. Feels like I’m starting with my arms on the downswing. But the results are so much better, especially with my driver! (the swing I sent to you is before I made these changes)…

  4. The lowering of the ceiling technique Mark talks about works really well. A pro told me something similar but with a different thought process to it but essentially the same thing and it worked well for me. Its something Ive not being doing recently so I will be hitting the range to work on it again. 

  5. Hey mark I bought the app and havrnt looked at it for a little now but I remember it not being able to upload swings already on my phone that I downloaded from better cameras. My phone doesn't show much detail. I have tried sending it to you but looks like u only do the app. Is this going to change or should I just record it with the app?

  6. Mark, with regard to the swing where the player is "holding lag" and getting his hands too high – would a straightening of the right arm on the downswing stop this? That pushes the hands lower and encourages a shallower angle of attack. Its something I'm working on as I had the same issues.

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