THE GOLF BALL What is the BEST BALL and what is NOISE

The golf ball is maybe the most important bit of equipment that golfers use but what makes the best golf ball and what is just noise. Mark Crossfield talks about golf ball fittings, golf ball technology and can we really see any difference from one golf ball to the another. In todays test Mark compares the Titleist PRoV1 Titleist ProV1X up against the Srixon Z Star and the Srixon Z Star XV golf balls. These four premium balls are popular and used by golfers and professional golfers the world over. Mark takes a deep look into what makes one golf ball better than another with over 200 golf shots hit in this test will Mark really see the performance change from ball to ball. These are both the new Titleist PROV1 PROV1X and the new 2021 SRIXON ZSTAR and ZSTAR XV balls for the 2021 season. What will be the best golf ball of 2021 and where should you be spending your money.

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