The Best Titleist 714’s Irons For You

Which Titleist 714’s Irons Will You Choose?
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach tests the latest Titleist 714 Irons. The Titleist 714 MB’s, Titleist 714 CB’s,Titleist 714 AP1 and Titleist 714 AP2. Using flightscope at Trafford Golf Centre, Rick hits 5 good golf shots with each club and delivers the information on screen with no changes or modifications.

22 thoughts on “The Best Titleist 714’s Irons For You

  1. Really interesting to see it done this way had been hoping that you might do, a really good way to see the comparison, and very interesting to see the results. Which I would guess a lot of people would be surprised at the small range of differences there were overall in distance, ball speed. More interesting however to see the dispersion stats in that way, and numbers that were very interesting were the launch angles and the peak height/descent which gives a very good indication of the trajectories. Will definitely go and have a look at trying the AP2's and MB's after seeing this and will be comparing that data with the numbers I got from trying out the MP4's on GC2 & HMT a couple of days ago. As am definitely getting some new irons to work with this winter to be ready for the new season! Thanks! enjoyed that way of seeing them tested.

  2. Fantastic video. Probably the best info/vid available if you're split between either of the 714 range irons. Obviously you still have to try out the weapons but seeing the yardages, dispersion, etc. from a person with a consistent strike is just pure gold.

    Love it. Thank you Rick.

  3. Hi rick,
    Just wondering if you have any tips as to what irons I should buy that would enable me to get quite a lot of height. Looking for around $300

  4. Hi Rick, I'm new to your channel and I like it. I wanted to get your honest opinion, I'm a 18 handicap golfer and I love using my MB 710 blades, yes they are very unforgiving but when I hit them flush which is 8 out of 10 it feels great. I also use or have  almost set of new (4 rounds only) Ping I20, they were cheaper than the 712 Ap2. What do you think shouls I go backj to the I20 or try to improve on my short game? Cheers.

  5. So, MB's had longest average yards, tightest l to r dispersion, lowest launch angle & flight and sharpest angle of decent. What's not to love?

  6. Hi Rick, I have just subscribed to your site because of that video. That was the most unbiased and honest review I have seen on any subject. Very nice to see them all head to head and how close they perform against each other. Forget marketing hype. This is the way reviews of clubs from the same manufacturer should be done.
    Everyone should go out and hit them quietly by themselves. Pick the ones that feel best and look best to your eye. Then go and see a pro about getting your favorites fitted properly for loft,lie,shaft,and grips. I bet everyone will play better if they did this. If it feels good and looks good you will play better. Thanks Rick keep up the great work will be very interested in see more like this. 

  7. Rick would you go for the CBS, or MBS? You club speed was a bit quicker with the mb but with similar ball speed and dispersion I would split the set at the 6iron

  8. I shoot low 90's to high 80's and im stuck on the bogey golf bump. im looking to a set of irons to help me out while I improve my swing. what set should i get. ive been golfing for 2 years and im 16

  9. so the MB had the tightest dispersion? How do you account for this? Because game improvement for someone who consistently hits sweet spot is less accurate? Or does cleaner look at address encourage better strike?

  10. I got a great idea for a video for you, you should get one head of one club like 3 iron and test it with x100 s300 and r300 and hit them into no wind, head wind and helping wind and see how much the r300 ballon and how much distance you lose from a really stiff shaft . I have a great spare set of clubs but I hate them with r300  and ive noticed s400 is makes me lose ten yards and id be scared to see what would happen with x100.

  11. Love the Ping bag shown prominently in the background against the Titleist clubs at first.  Deliberate sponsor placement?

  12. I'd love to see a refresh of this video comparing all of the new 716 models head-to-head!! I'm mostly curious to see how much more forgiving the 716 CBs are compared to the 714. Besides, after watching your reviews on the 716 line, it seems like you'd be more than delighted to have a reason to hit those MBs again ;).

  13. Hey Rick! I'm looking for an iron with qualities such as: perimeter weighting, wide sole, and a large and forgiving head. I am a golfer that shoots in the high 80s to low 90s for 18 holes. Which one of those 4 iron models would you recommend for me? Thanks and keep up the great videos. Cheers!

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