The Best Mountaintop Course in America? 

When it comes to course architecture, “great”, “mountain” and “golf” are not words that get strung together often, if ever. You can have great golf near the mountains or nestled in the valleys at the base of some beautiful mountains. That happens all the time, going as far back as the Donald Ross era and places like The Broadmoor at the base of Mount Cheyenne in Colorado or Highlands Country Club in North Carolina, which sits in a relatively flat spot between Asheville and the Georgia line. On the other side, you can find plenty of holes carved out of mountainsides, with disjointed routings and cart paths that look like black diamond ski slopes. A lot of those courses are visually spectacular, breathtaking even. But, for the most part, they’re architectural stinkers.

Almost never can you have both great design and a mountaintop location. It’s the geography, or geology, or topography or whatever “-ology” makes it all but impossible to find usable routings and grow decent grass on the rocky slopes and in the shadowy draws of the moun…

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