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The 1989 Masters will forever be remembered as the first of Nick Faldo’s three Masters titles, and the second of his six major championships.  

That Masters week was also special for James Dodson, who made his first trip to Augusta as a working golf writer but returned home to New England two days early just to make a cold and rainy golf date at Myopia Hunt Club with his famous former neighbor, a devoted golf nut named John Updike. The April day was beyond miserable, the golf appallingly bad – “a round of Gronkle,” as Updike playfully dubbed it – but an unexpected friendship was born, proving that the game makes laughing fools of us all. 

From The Range Bucket List, by James Dodson  


John Updike’s best drive of the day came on the 10th, mysteriously nicknamed “Alps.” Perhaps in tribute to my companion’s sunny faith, he unleashed a 230-yard scorcher with the sweetest hint of a draw.

“I’m your basic left to right golfer who has been unsuccessfully trying to cultivate a reliable draw for years,” he explained after w…

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