THE 5 Best Golf Holes in Southern Utah – Random 18 Part 1

It was only a matter of time before playing a complete round of golf at an assortment of courses was suggested to Erik Anders Lang. When time is of the essence, why not play the greatest holes a region has to offer or simply put: a Random 18? Thanks to Dan and Lincoln from “What’s Inside,” this incredible idea became a reality in no place other than St. George, Utah. This inaugural edition begins with 5 holes from Sand Hollow Championship Golf Course, highlighted by an extra special Ace Cam on a par 3 nicknamed “The Devil’s Throat.”

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45 thoughts on “THE 5 Best Golf Holes in Southern Utah – Random 18 Part 1

  1. Love watching EAL golf with others. Looks like you are all really enjoying themselves and it makes the videos very appealing. Makes me feel like im there on the course!

  2. Always love the content EAL! Watch as soon as it comes out. Take a long break from stressful workday to watch it in one go. Just the story, dialogue, subtle music, narration, always perfect!

  3. Taking that putt that bounced out is totally legit. As long as a "missed" putt can reasonably be attributed to the anti-Covid measures that are beyond your control, then it is perfectly acceptable to take them as being in. Except in competition if the rules say otherwise of course. I was surprised to see that you pulled the pin though; here in the UK it is 'streng verboten' to touch the flag.

  4. We’ve been counting anything that hits that little bump, or the stupid pool noodle they have around the pin. Unless of course you send a missile flying in there…

  5. It’s amazing all of these courses! I had the chance to play at “The Ledges” golf course and it just took my breath away. No wonder why that is one of there favorite courses!

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