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This video is part two of The Taylormade California Cup where I ran a competition for three of YOU to join me out in the USA to take part in the two day tournament.

Thanks so so much for your support guys, without you, these trips simply would not be possible!

Massive thanks again also to Taylormade for making this whole trip possible!

Huge SHOUT out to HTU’s Jack Harrison for all his help filming out in California, please go follow him here-

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22 thoughts on “#TEAMSEB SURGE UP THE LEAGUE TABLE! California Cup Part 2!

  1. To be honest, you haven't put out a video yet that I didn't enjoy. The only issue for me is the frequency of uploads. I'd just like to see your content pop up more often!

  2. Seb your videos are absolute quality. Every time you upload I get excited cause I know it's going to be amazing. And my gosh what an experience that would've been!

  3. @sebongolf any chance of a putting tutorial? My driving and iron work ok but work around and on the green is costing me 10-15 shots a round. Would love some tips/hints ps I never forget to hashtag it

  4. I love all the videos. Personally i wouldn't mind seeing some reviews of golf courses you have played including stuff like location, ease of access, how good the clubhouse is etc

  5. Quality video. Can't believe how lucky you've all been to get such an amazing experience. Very jealous… Keep the videos coming! Great stuff.

  6. think it would be great to see some on course tuition for us
    18 hcp's to see n show where we're going wrong ….
    great vid!

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