TaylorMade SLDR Driver with Darren Clarke

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TaylorMade SLDR Driver with Darren Clarke and Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks to Open winner Darren Clarke about what driver he has in his golf bag and why he uses it. TaylorMade SLDR drivers are on the market and used by many golfers from around the world, what makes Darren’s driver different. Play your best golf and have more fun doing it with Mark Crossfield’s golf videos on youtube.

46 thoughts on “TaylorMade SLDR Driver with Darren Clarke

  1. Good video Mark. Hats off to you for having Darren Clarke in a guest interview. His physical stature seemed much larger than he appears on TV during tournaments. I did purchase the SLDR when it first came out but it was too light for my swing and I returned it. Younger, high-speed swingers will probably like it most.

  2. Really looking forward to you doing a session with Tiger, mark – perhaps on dropping the ball, or maybe how to play it if you have a few loose twigs behind the ball?

  3. This is interesting, but I want more golf playing lessons! You want to come to the USA and play a round or two here?

  4. Easy Mark, Breathe, relax, keep your trousers clean.Why didnt you tell him you just only promote mizuno?, and that Taylormade is crap???!!!. See, its the player, not the clubs.Fact is all the pros can use anything and score, its really not that relevant. Take these equipment videos with a grain of salt, play what you like, get fit, and lets lose the "Mizuno butter crap"!!!!. Clarke has been with TM for a decade, and he wins. Mark, ya shoulda slipped him mizunos new driver!!!!. HA !!!

  5. To all the people bitching about Mark, just give the guy a break. He loves golf and respects great players so obviously he's gonna be excited about interviews like these. Marks channel keeps on getting better and better and this is taking it to a new level. Go Mark!!!!

  6. for those complaining about bitching,its called an opinion,which everyone is entitled too,and mark himself invites himself.we all appreciate marks work as a teacher and his expertise about equipment,but now it feels just abit commercial like.the whole idea why we watch the videos on equipment is,mark is impartial.if he starts taking the back handers,what do we believe??

  7. Hi Nick , no, Royal St.George's is a links course on the Kent coast, near Sandwich .This is St.George's Hill, an inland parkland course in Surrey, not far from Wentworth .

  8. The comment about doing a lesson with tiger about dropping the ball was funny. Pretty sure mark had a laugh about that. I was a bit worried mark would talk over Daren before watching the videos. But it went really well. Good job mark. Love your work. Keep it up, and keep getting better. Well done indeed.

  9. I tried the SLDR this weekend at PGA superstore. It was too heavy for my liking. I was only getting 210yds with the club. I tried the R1 and was getting 235yds on average. I get 250-290yds with my RBZ driver. I used the clubs with the same shaft as my RBZ (stiff) & 9.5 degree loft. I'll stick with the RBZ.

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