TaylorMade SLDR Driver Flightscope Distances

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TaylorMade SLDR Driver with REAL Flightscope Distances
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7 thoughts on “TaylorMade SLDR Driver Flightscope Distances

  1. You won't get best results with loft set at 9.5, all Tour players have had to set it higher than they normal would use. Ideal launch conditions to get the best results with this Driver are 1700 Spin rate with a Launch angle of 17 degrees (TaylorMade's {from George Willett TM fitter/engineer from one of their tour trucks} own figures & recommendations to their Tour Pro's as the ideal 'numbers' for maximum distance (both carry & roll). You'd need to have the loft set at 10.5 maybe even 11 (or even higher) depending on your Clubhead speed to get near the optimum launch angle of 17 degs with this driver. Would be great Rick to see you have another look at this club on Flightscope whilst set at 10.5 and 11. Almost guarantee with normal weather conditions you'd hit it further than you did set at 9.5, and I didn't believe it either, until I tried it on Trackman but can confirm the nearer you can get to TaylorMade 'numbers' they've given their Tour pros the more distance you get!!!! Any Club golfer  buying this Club should get the 10.5 version and move the loft up until they get their best results!

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